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Paid right away. Highly recommend buyer! :)
- punkpirate1066 (Seller)
Positive (02/27/20) Metamorphose Lavender and White Striped Bow OTK Socks 02/27/20
Great buyer, thanks!
- buttcape (Seller)
Positive (01/29/20) [NWOT] Angelic Pretty Melody Lyrical Piano Mouse Pad 01/29/20
Ideal transaction, thank u!
- millefille (Seller)
Positive (01/14/20) White x Red Ribbon Hair Clips Free Shipping 01/14/20
Fast payment and great communication, wonderful buyer, thanks!
- millefille (Seller)
Positive (01/14/20) Metamorphose Velour / Velvet Headbow in Pink w Pearls 01/14/20
Great buyer, thank you!
- GlitchedPanda (Seller)
Positive (12/29/19) Pink Bodyline Shoes Size 40 (Minor Damage) 12/29/19
thank you!
- twinklejewelparty (Buyer)
Positive (12/28/19) Pink Wristcuffs 12/28/19
thank you for your purchase!
- twinklejewelparty (Seller)
Positive (12/06/19) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Jellyfish Marine Ocean Hair Pin + Bonus Shell Pin 12/06/19
thank you for your purchase!
- twinklejewelparty (Seller)
Positive (12/06/19) Vintage Blue Heart Gem Faux Pearl Necklace 12/06/19
thank you for your purchase!
- twinklejewelparty (Seller)
Positive (12/06/19) NWT Bodyline Sax Blue Adjustable KC Bow 12/06/19
Great buyer, no complaints! Paid quickly and was communicative throughout the sale. Thank you and enjoy your blouse!
- lehani (Seller)
Positive (12/01/19) Angelic Pretty Princess Bustier-Style Cutsew 12/01/19
Payment was quick and communication was friendly. Great buyer! :)
- choopchooptrain (Seller)
Positive (11/23/19) Bodyline Shoes 259 in "Sax" 11/23/19
Excellent buyer! Great communication and quick payment, would sell to again. Highly Recommended :)
- skyghostlily (Seller)
Positive (11/23/19) Tokimeki Gabriel Cat Ring 11/23/19
Sorry for the late feedback, i just got back from traveling. Everything is great! Fast shipping! Thank you :D
- bunnylolita (Buyer)
Positive (11/07/19) EMERGENCY SALE. Unicorn Mermaid JSK [Lavender] 11/07/19
Responded and shipped quickly and included a free gift! Definitely Recommended!
- strawberryjam (Buyer)
Positive (11/03/19) AP Dolly Marine JSK [Sax] 11/03/19
great communication, thank u!
- millefille (Seller)
Positive (10/20/19) Free Ship Pink x White Strawberries Polka Dot Thigh High Socks 10/20/19
Thank you!!
- Lenny_Lemon (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/19) ON HOLD -final price drop- White Bodyline Blouse [2L] 10/17/19
Great buyer! Paid quickly and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you and enjoy!
- qbeau (Seller)
Positive (10/16/19) H Naoto Nightmare Before Christmas Tights 10/16/19
Fantastic seller. Shipped quickly, kept me up to date with the package, and even sent me a free hand-made gift! Thank you!
- LadyIra (Buyer)
Positive (10/10/19) Pink/White Macaron Otks 10/10/19
The buyer's communication was clear and friendly, and the invoice was paid quickly. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
- cherry_sp (Seller)
Positive (10/07/19) Chocomint Clear and Sax Blue Lace Pattern Ribbon Ring NWOT 10/07/19
The buyer's communication was clear and friendly, and the invoice was paid quickly. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
- cherry_sp (Seller)
Positive (10/07/19) Angelic Pretty Pink and Purple Polka Dot Bow Hair Combs Used (Good) 10/07/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (10/03/19) Angelic Pretty French Doll OTKs in Black 10/03/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (10/03/19) Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Chocolate OTKs in Brown 10/03/19
Great buyer, was quick with payment and kind! Thank you! ♡
- bishoujo_bunny (Seller)
Positive (10/02/19) *ON HOLD* Light blue glitter star blouse 10/02/19
himekitsu responded to my messages in a reasonably timely manner, and shipped the package out quickly. The blouse was packaged carefully and is exactly as the listing described. himekitsu also included a handmade beaded bracelet, and while its color doesn't quite match anything in my wardrobe, it was still incredibly sweet and generous of them.
- G123u (Buyer)
Positive (09/29/19) -final price drop- Long sleeve Pink Blouse 09/29/19
Fantastic buyer, thank you!
- Pancewearer (Seller)
Positive (09/25/19) FREE US SHIPPING Vanilla-chan OTKs in Mint 09/25/19
Really kind and detail-oriented buyer! :D Thank you so much for your patience with me!
- pachipachi (Seller)
Positive (09/23/19) BTSSB | Lace Headbow (Red) 09/23/19
Absolutely great buyer! had great communication and paid on time by a certain date. Also had a lovely conversation. Would love to sell to again! Thanks so much.
- Strawberry Cakes (Seller)
Positive (09/06/19) **ON HOLD** Bodyline Perlich JSK black Medium 09/06/19
Lovely seller. Pleasant to buy from :)
- kellthomas (Buyer)
Positive (09/06/19) Angelic Pretty Rabbit Party OP 09/06/19
Buyer paid quickly and was quick with responses. However, on my behalf, I was late on shipping by a few days due to a mixup in packages. I let the buyer know and offered to send a gift with the package. I forgot to send the gift as well which is also my fault. However, the buyer thought that the gift was worth refunding her $5 or she would put that I didnt give her the gift on my feedback. I gave her the $5 obviously to avoid bad feedback. She put that I gave her some money back on the feedback implying that I give money back to buyers for late shipping or missing gifts, which I do not...Overall I would have rathered she sent the blouse back to avoid the whole situation. Late shipping and forgetting to give a (free) gift are not convenient however I don't feel that those two factors deplete the price of the blouse or my cost in shipping and should cost any seller a refund in exchange for neutral feedback. I would not sell to the buyer again.
- Kokoro (Seller)
Neutral (09/05/19) To Alice interchangeable bunny/cat ear blouse 09/05/19
Great sale and buyer! No issues with payment or communication and would be happy to do business with again in the future! Thanks!
- Onysablet (Seller)
Positive (08/12/19) Metamorphose Rose Gold Mary Jane Cross Strap shoes 08/12/19
Wonderful Buyer! Super flexible and fantastic communication! Quick to pay and great to work with, thank you again!!
- sydieee (Seller)
Positive (08/10/19) Lockshop Mermaid Wig in Chocolate 08/10/19
Kind user, easy and prompt transaction :)
- almondmilks (Seller)
Positive (07/28/19) Lavender Bow Crew Socks 07/28/19
Buyer paid quickly, thank you!
- whippycreme (Seller)
Positive (07/18/19) Angelic Pretty Bunny Apron OP Lavender 07/18/19
A+ all around! Great buyer and a very smooth transaction! Thank you!
- Airyu (Seller)
Positive (07/18/19) Angelic pretty red tea party shoes medium size, hole at the bottom 07/18/19
Wonderful buyer! Great communication, reliable and fast payment, highly recommend!
- ParrotGirl (Seller)
Positive (07/15/19) AP Honey Bear Cutsew 07/15/19
Great experience with this buyer !
- sobisoba (Seller)
Positive (07/15/19) *HOLD FOR HIMEKITSU* AP cosmic jsk set 07/15/19
Thank you!
- milkyuki (Seller)
Positive (07/11/19) Angelic Pretty Lovely Bakery Beret Pink 07/11/19
thanks and enjoy!
- pistolhaute (Seller)
Positive (07/06/19) Angelic Pretty Pink Polka Dot Bow 07/06/19
Excellent buyer! Very flexible and very communicative! Thank you so much~~ :)
- bebeoctopus (Seller)
Positive (07/04/19) BTSSB Secret Air Mail from Sweet Kitty JSK & headbow 07/04/19
Lovely buyer! Paid quickly and was pleasant to talk with. Would sell to again!
- peonyprince (Seller)
Positive (06/29/19) Red Maria Mint Wrist Cuffs 06/29/19
Awesome seller and the dress is wonderful ♥
- strawberryangel22 (Buyer)
Positive (06/28/19) URGENT SALE Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream OP Set [PINK] 06/28/19
Quick with payment and communication, great buyer!
- Maraichu (Seller)
Positive (06/24/19) Diamond Honey White Half Blouse 06/24/19
Very fast payment, incredibly lovely buyer. I hope you enjoy the item to the fullest! Would sell to again. Thank you very much.
- byoku (Seller)
Positive (06/18/19) AP ~ Sweet Cream House Hairties 06/18/19
Wonderful buyer. Everything went very smoothly and I would definitely recommend them to others.
- Corecat (Seller)
Positive (06/15/19) Drink me otks in sax - has damage 06/15/19
Seller Was Very Responsive And Even Included A Gift With The Package! I Would Definitely Buy From Them Again :)
- Kaneshac (Buyer)
Positive (06/03/19) Magical Night Theater cutsew [brown] final price drop 06/03/19
Excellent and very fast, would definitely buy from again!
- majinsteph (Buyer)
Positive (05/29/19) ETC Glittery Cardigan [mint colorway] 05/29/19
great communication with payment plan and clear terms, sent payment promptly and whenever promised! all around pleasant transaction
- beefeyeround (Seller)
Positive (05/28/19) dolly cat special set 05/28/19
Great buyer
- athenaak (Seller)
Positive (04/24/19) AP lyrical bunny bracelet 04/24/19
Very easy transaction! Great buyer!
- DandelionChild (Seller)
Positive (04/20/19) Angelic Pretty socks 04/20/19
It was all an overall positive experience, she kept me updated and would love to do business with again. 100% recommended!
- melodiousboice (Buyer)
Positive (04/19/19) URGENT SALE: AP Toy Harmony set [pink colorway] 04/19/19
Great seller! Shipped promptly and easy communication.
- AkikoDesu (Buyer)
Positive (04/15/19) AP Sweet Heart Choker 04/15/19
Lovely buyer, quick replies and super nice! Would love to do business with again~ ^^
- lilmisscuppycake (Seller)
Positive (04/14/19) Angelic Pretty Whip Factory [DAMAGED] 04/14/19
Wonderful buyer, quick payment and communication, would highly recommend!
- ParrotGirl (Seller)
Positive (03/29/19) Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Skirt Mint 03/29/19
The item is exactly as pictured and is in great condition. The seller was very prompt with sending the invoice and keeping me updated about when the dress was shipped. The personal message and piece of candy was special little bonus too <3
- deaphoe (Buyer)
Positive (03/28/19) AP Bunny College Jsk/HB **LAST.PRICE.DROP!/FREE SHIP USA** 03/28/19
Everything was ok, they answer quickly and they are worth of trust as buyer ! I highly recommand them
- Dollrose (Seller)
Positive (03/28/19) [ RESERVED ] Angelic pretty tights " bonbon bunny " ( PINK ) 03/28/19
Overall great seller with good communication. I did have an issue with the skirt as it did come with some stains from what I was assuming came from the packaging. The seller was very helpful with this and even offered to give me a partial refund.
- DejaJ1765 (Buyer)
Positive (03/20/19) Free ship usa- Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Skirt [mint colorway] 03/20/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (03/17/19) Angelic Pretty Classic Round Switching Blouse in WIne/Bordeux 03/17/19
Easy transaction. Patient buyer. Much appreciated!
- Klyles1029 (Seller)
Positive (03/03/19) Emily Temple Cute cardigan 03/03/19
Great communication, very kind seller. Thank you so much for keeping me updated every step of the way!
- crystalisis (Buyer)
Positive (02/25/19) Inori Gem Jewelry Jsk Lavender *LAST PRICE DROP* 02/25/19
Fantastic buyer with fast payment and great communication!
- chiichick (Seller)
Positive (02/12/19) Angelic Pretty Rabbit Outing Salopette - ON HOLD 02/12/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (02/03/19) Angelic Pretty Wrapping Ribbon Charm Head Bow in Navy 02/03/19
An excellent buyer! <3
- ehcappella (Seller)
Positive (01/31/19) Angelic Pretty | Classic Fairy Tale OTKS 01/31/19
Great communication. Fast payment. Very polite and easy to work with. :)
- Kimmy117 (Seller)
Positive (01/30/19) Angelic Pretty Holy Wolf Hair Clip NWT (Reserved for Himekitsu) 01/30/19
Shipping was fast, shoes arrived exactly as described, A+!
- TempestPaige (Buyer)
Positive (01/10/19) Yellow secret shop tea parties SLIGHT DAMAGE 01/10/19
Very sweet and shipped really quickly, thanks! :)
- tullebluebird (Buyer)
Positive (12/27/18) RESERVED for tullebluebird- Black ballerina shoes 12/27/18
Fast payment and quick to communicate! Thank you:)
- FlyawayRenee (Seller)
Positive (12/22/18) Cherry Berry Bunny OTKs 12/22/18
wonderful dress, its so beautiful i love it <3
- vanessa (Buyer)
Positive (12/19/18) EMERGENCY SALE Angelic Pretty Ribbon Berry Bunny OP 12/19/18
Great buyer!
- irohamomiji (Seller)
Positive (12/07/18) Angelic Pretty - Sweet Cream House JSK With Collar & Head bow 12/07/18
Friendly Buyer, quick replies, awesome with payment plans!
- Sasafrace (Seller)
Positive (11/30/18) RESERVED Dolly Marine JSK 11/30/18
The buyer's communication was clear and friendly, and the invoice was paid promptly. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
- cherry_sp (Seller)
Positive (11/23/18) Bodyline White Short Apron with Detachable Top Size L NWT 11/23/18
Great buyer!
- VanityAngel (Seller)
Positive (11/11/18) Angelic Pretty Halloween novelty tote 11/11/18
Easy to reach and communicate with, paid promptly, and let me know when they received the package. Would sell to this person again! Thank you!
- azukitan (Seller)
Positive (11/04/18) Twirling ribbon enamel coated jewelry stand 11/04/18
Lovely buyer! Sorry for the poor communication, I was traveling and should of kept up better. Thank you for the neutral feedback (as apposed to bad!), I hope you enjoy your item.
- dandelionswish (Seller)
Positive (11/03/18) Angelic Pretty Ghost ring 11/03/18
Wonderful Buyer! Prompt payment and overall great transaction. I'd happily sell to them again. Thank you so much for your purchase. :)
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (10/29/18) AP Marchen Petite Dot OP (Minor Damage) 10/29/18
Paid immediately and let me know when the item arrived, 10/10 buyer!
- lovelylaceandfrills (Seller)
Positive (10/22/18) NWOT Angelic Pretty Cute Ribbon Wrist Cuffs, Mint 10/22/18
paid quickly. good communication. highly reccommended
- Hervia (Seller)
Positive (10/06/18) [RARE] NWT Fancy hospital nurse cap - sax 10/06/18
Great buyer! Thanks :)
- niftynif (Seller)
Positive (10/04/18) AP Lavender ribbon pearl cross choker necklace 10/04/18
Paid promptly. Thanks again!
- PosiTori (Seller)
Positive (09/18/18) Angelic Pretty Turtleneck Cutsew NWOT 09/18/18
Wonderful buyer! Quick communication and very friendly. Paid quickly too! And she let me know when the item arrived. I highly recommend this buyer!!
- FlyawayRenee (Seller)
Positive (08/28/18) Dream Shell Purse 08/28/18
Really great buyer, responded to every message that I sent which I really appreciated! It was overall a pleasant and easy transaction. Thank you!
- soygent (Seller)
Positive (08/01/18) Glass Doll Cutsew 08/01/18
Fast payment. Glad to deal with this buyer :)
- Yoruhime (Seller)
Positive (07/31/18) Angelic Pretty - School Marine Crew Length Socks 07/31/18
All messages were responded to promptly and the invoice was paid quickly. Excellent buyer!
- sophialovescouches (Seller)
Positive (07/24/18) Angelic Pretty Dot 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan 07/24/18
A+++. Buyer had great communication, paid promptly, and was a pleasure to work with. Would sell to again!
- bleakthecat420 (Seller)
Positive (07/23/18) AP Chelsea Argyle OTK in Navy 07/23/18
Great buyer, quick payment! Overall easy and smooth transaction, would sell to again :)
- skyghostlily (Seller)
Positive (07/21/18) Angelic Pretty Bunny Toy Head Bow (Sax) 07/21/18
Great communication, fast transaction, Thank you!
- kadachi9 (Seller)
Positive (07/17/18) AP Mint Cutsew 07/17/18
Excellent buyer! Payment was fast and communication was polite. Thanks so much!
- iowngameware (Seller)
all around positive transaction! great communication and prompt payment-- thanks so much! <3
- beefeyeround (Seller)
Positive (07/09/18) angelic pretty lavender ruffle headband 07/09/18
Fast payment, great communication, would sell to again!
- kuroeko (Seller)
Positive (07/08/18) FREE SHIP - Brown Polkadot Bow Crew Socks 07/08/18
So adorable!!! Seller was quick to respond and send package. It was packed in a nice sturdy box. Was very easy to work with.
- UsagiHime (Buyer)
Positive (06/06/18) AP STAR NIGHT THEATER SET -EMERGENCY SALE 06/06/18
Great seller, good comunication, speedy delivery. A+ Recommendation.
- missycosplay (Buyer)
Positive (06/02/18) Sweet Addiction 'Sweetest Chocolate Party' [pink colorway] 06/02/18
Great experience! Buyer was quick to reply and pay off the payment plan we agreed on. Overall, it was a smooth, perfect transaction!
- asiancookieayu (Seller)
Positive (05/24/18) AP Star Night Theater SET (reduced) 05/24/18
Serious and kind buyer. Prompt payment, easy and polite communication. It was a pleasure!
- Zoeosaki (Seller)
Positive (05/08/18) Angelic Pretty Sugar Fairy Blouse in Yellow Short Sleeves Flowers 05/08/18
Excellent buyer! Payment was paid on time and buyer made sure to communicate with me for a payment extension. Thanks!
- KittenCakes (Seller)
Positive (05/02/18) Offbrand Doggy Shoulder bag White/black 05/02/18
Paid super fast and was great communication! Higly recommended 💗
- Biancamourning (Seller)
Positive (04/14/18) Toy Parade JSK & Headbow 04/14/18
Lovely buyer and quick payment. Thank you so much! :)
- Genevieve (Seller)
Positive (04/08/18) NWT Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate Tights in Chocolate Brown 04/08/18
A+ communication, fast payment, would sell to again!
- kuroeko (Seller)
Positive (03/31/18) Angelic Pretty Cutie Marine Rosette Brooch 03/31/18
Great buyer! Fast payment and pleasant communication. Thank you!
- Rainies (Seller)
Positive (03/13/18) Angelic Pretty Heartful Shirring pink Blouse 03/13/18
Perfect buyer! Fabulous communication, super nice person, and paid right away! I'm really glad you like it :)
- tintinabula (Seller)
Positive (03/09/18) AP Holy Theater OP Special Set (Damaged) 03/09/18
Great buyer, highly recommend!
- mahou-shoujo-ni-naritai (Seller)
Positive (03/09/18) AP lamb embroidery Cardigan 03/09/18
Transaction went smoothly. Would love to do business with again!
- aries_kitsune (Seller)
Positive (03/05/18) Chocomint: Glitter Bow Ring (sax) 03/05/18
Prompt Payment and quick communication, I hope you enjoy your item!
- Shilen (Seller)
Positive (03/05/18) Angelic Pretty Magical Night Theater print Cutsew 03/05/18
Good buyer. No complaints.
- YellowEyes1467 (Seller)
Positive (02/25/18) Angelic Pretty Bow Socks in Red 02/25/18
Shoes were as described, but had a few marks in the outside inner portion of the shoes. I think this was due to them rubbing together during transit. Communication was prompt and friendly! Dispatch time was also quick. :) My only issue was that she requested money on PayPal and it was not as a protected transaction, it was friend's and family. As I had paid on mobile, this was not apparent until afterwards when I got the email from PayPal. The shoes also were not packaged well, they were simply placed in a USPS box where they could then move around inside and get damaged. However, she was very easy to work with. I'm sure you could ask her to protect your items better and she seems like she would accommodate. Altogether a good seller.
- aeliami (Buyer)
Positive (12/29/17) Secret Shop lavender tea parties shoes size 38 12/29/17
Everything arrived cleaned and in a timely manner. She even took the time to clean the tail that went with the set and it is actually really cleaned. Would deff buy from again. ^-^
- truefantasy (Buyer)
Positive (12/23/17) Cats Singing in the Rain Precious Clove MODIFIED FOR PLUS SIZE 12/23/17
Great buyer!
- PastelPastries (Seller)
Positive (11/16/17) Angelic Pretty Shy Bear Bag 11/16/17
Paid immediately, thank you! :)
- strawberry_doll (Seller)
Positive (11/12/17) Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Teacup Shoulder Bag [US shipping included!] 11/12/17
Super sweet buyer, fast payment, would sell to again!
- Keczup (Seller)
Positive (11/06/17) Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat tights in mint 11/06/17
Great communication. Paid promptly. Very polite and easy to work with. :)   
- Kimmy117 (Seller)
Positive (10/26/17) Angelic Pretty Heart Bag 10/26/17
Shipping was quick, seller was very helpful, and the skirt itself was as perfect as it looks!!
- Ncsahlas (Buyer)
Positive (10/16/17) Alice BTSSB x Disney collab Skirt 10/16/17
paid on payment plan and promptly! excellent buyer, thank you!
- littlepancake (Seller)
Positive (10/13/17) Fancy Paper Dolls JSK Set 10/13/17
Bloomers are super cute, arrived very fast! Great communication and great experience over all!
- Kayti Haas (Buyer)
Positive (09/18/17) White bloomers NWOT 09/18/17
Perfect seller, thanks again! Everything is so cute :3
- tintinabula (Buyer)
Positive (08/31/17) Accessory Bundle 08/31/17
Excellent and friendly seller :) Beautiful dress arrived so quickly and was exactly as described. Thank you!!!
- tintinabula (Buyer)
Positive (08/31/17) NWT Plaid Bodyline Jsk 08/31/17
Amazing buyer - incredibly communicative and sweet. Highly recommended.
- LatteGalaxy (Seller)
Positive (05/28/17) Bodyline s251 - 23,5 - PINK 05/28/17
Great communication and fast payment, thank you and hope you like the dress! :)
- nekoneko999 (Seller)
Positive (05/19/17) Angelic Pretty Ribbon Berry Bunny One Piece -[yellow] 05/19/17
Lovely buyer, great comunication, thanks for the purchase!
- Satchun (Seller)
Positive (03/24/17) Singing in the rain~ Precious Clove~ Modified 03/24/17
Perfect buyer in every way! Fast payment and quick/friendly communication. Thanks again! :)
- savikins (Seller)
Positive (03/21/17) Antaina Boots Size 37 in Red Wine RESERVED for himekitsu 03/21/17
Fast transaction. Good communication thank you
- izarra (Seller)
Positive (02/24/17) Pink blouse 02/24/17
Thank you for purchasing from Wunderwelt!
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (02/20/17) L-0818 MILK Cutsew set (3 items) 02/20/17
Great transaction. Great commutation. Thank you very much.
- greeneyesgirl (Seller)
Positive (01/26/17) Mint Angelic Pretty Cutsew with sailor colar 01/26/17
Great buyer!
- LilyEssence (Seller)
Positive (01/20/17) Wide Collar Casual White Blouse 01/20/17
Amazing girl! Paid quickly and communicated with me wonderful, would definitely sell to her again!
- Ghostance (Seller)
Positive (01/16/17) Whales With Bulbous Heads Are Not Delicious OP 01/16/17
Set up a payment plan with the buyer. She was very punctual with her payments and answered messages quickly. Highly recommended!
- HoneyTeaClover (Seller)
Positive (08/25/16) AatP Wizarding Platform JSK II in Navy 08/25/16
great buyer would sell to again
- athenaak (Seller)
Positive (08/05/16) Melty royal chocolate socks 08/05/16
Fast and smooth transaction. Totally recommend this buyer.
- elianor (Seller)
Positive (07/11/16) Frill Heart Bag (bag099) 07/11/16
Very responsive buyer, fast payment and super pleasant to deal with. Just can recommend her!
- elianor (Seller)
Positive (06/25/16) Cute Pink and White Cutsew with detachable sleeves 06/25/16
Good buyer and paid quickly.
- natosch (Seller)
Positive (01/30/16) Fox Tights Offbrand 01/30/16
Excellent buyer! Prompt payment and great communication! Smooth transaction! Recommended buyer!
- KittenCakes (Seller)
Positive (12/22/15) BTSSB Snow Crystal Fur Head Bow 12/22/15
Paid incredibly quickly after the invoice and super cheerful and communicative!
- Tea_leaf (Seller)
Positive (12/13/15) Bodyline: Claudia Wonderland red jsk 12/13/15