URGENT SALE!! FREE STANDARD WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! White x pink rabbit rings, light blue leg warmers, pink leg warmers, and mint x pink macaron necklace

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Quebec, Canada
Not separating the lot

American buyers: I can no longer send small items via letter. They must now be sent as a package.

Australian buyers: please note as to how long things can get to you. Due to unexpected circumstances, things will take longer than normal to reach to you and I don't know why. I can still send you anything but only if you don't mind slow shipping.

For safety and security reasons, I will not ship to war torn countries. 😞


Leg warmers: these are cute and I have two pairs (bought two of both colours accidentally. Whoops). New, no tag, but washed as I normally wash things that I buy even if I didn't wear anything. Only washed due to a very faint odour due to taking a while to be mailed to me.


Adjustable rabbit rings: new, no tag. These came in a set with the rabbit rings, plus two ice cream rings and one rose ring. I bought these off the EGL section but I think they are a better fit here, but may work with a cute sweet Lolita coordination!!

I'm keeping the others because ice cream and roses. I don't see myself using the rabbit ones, so hopefully you can give them a good home!! 😊


Handmade macaron necklace: looking at my wardrobe, it doesn't fit anything in particular.

I feel it could work with an OTT Lolita coordination but it can also work for decora (I do want mint, but this won't fit, sadly) or fairy, thus I'm deciding to sell it.

It has the smell of cigarette smoke, and I don't smoke, but it's faint (it wasn't listed in the description).

I just took a picture and then put it back in the small, very small, dimebag (something else was in it as the sticker says Made in China, I would think).


I DO HAVE A CAT (I always wash clothing items, whether I want to sell them or I buy duplicates, I put them away so there is no way he can get near them). Be that as it may, be wary if you're allergic to cats.

Please read my TOS carefully.

Thanks for looking and good luck!!

Shipping to Canada: Contact seller for quote
Shipping outside Canada: Contact seller for quote
Condition: New Without Tag
Style: Fairy Kei, Decora
Colors: White, Blues, Pinks, Pastels, Gold
Category: Jewelry
- I do need help with sending my packages so you'll see a different name at times. It's my Mum's name. She's just helping me because I have shaky hands, and I can't write properly, but that address is indeed mine - no trades or partial trades - payment plans are available for anything $400 and above - I will not split any sets under any circumstances - prices are now in USD for what you buy - shipping is in Canadian due to the fact it fluctuates, the conversion rates. And it's easier for me - if you sell something that you bought from me at a higher price than I sold it for, that's your right - message me before you place a bid saying you want an item. Please don't message me saying you want it after placing a bid. I may have other people who are interested. Doing so causes me to change everything to BIN - it would be better to send me a message rather than comment on any listings. I don't get notified when you comment but I check my messages fairly often so you'll have a quicker response from me that way - unless it's a mod, I will ignore messages telling/suggesting me to lower prices. Shipping from Canada is ridiculous. I lower anything to a certain amount, you're basically getting it for free and I don't get anything. Shipping is terrible for everyone. I don't make the rules. Canada Post does 🤷‍♂️ - no one has the right to tell us sellers that we have to put it in certain packaging. It varies. Sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn't. I use a lot of recycled materials to send items in and it's more cheaper like that than what people might think - I try to ship Monday through Friday but things may come up and I will contact you ASAP if I'm late - I will no longer ship to anyone who doesn't want to ship internationally. Shipping is terrible for us all - no returns/refunds/partial refunds - buyer pays for shipping - tracking is optional but at a cost, unless otherwise stated - not responsible for lost/stolen packages/damages while in transit - I use regular Canada Post shipping because using Purolator, UPS, DHL, USPS, FEDEX, etc. will possibly require additional fees, which I wish for buyers to avoid, but even regular can do that too. Be that as it may if I can't use regular, customs/taxes/duty fees/etc are not my responsibility. Sellers don't need to use them unless they have no choice but they can easily use their regular postal services. I will not help you pay for that - not responsible for anything arriving late, as it can take anywhere from a few days/a week/two weeks/three weeks/one or two months/rarely three months but it has happened before on some occasions - ALLERGY WARNING!! I do have a cat but he stays away from all my clothes, but I always gentle wash (if worn) and lint roll everything before sending. I will inspect for any damages as much as I can. If I miss anything, I apologise in advance - non smoking environment - no haggling - if you have more than 4 negative feedback, contact me first - no combined shipping - if you buy more than one item, shipping is not included. You must PAY for shipping. Free shipping is FOR ONE ITEM ONLY - picky buyers are NOT welcome. When I say no combined shipping, I mean it. What quotes I give are 99.9% the same as the post office, so asking me to go to the post office to ask because there could be a (very small chance) of a shipping difference, is redundant, so please respect my wishes and go with what I give you. Only time would be if the shipping is WAY off (rarely happens), I will reimburse you. If the shipping is lower, I will not ask for more money to cover the rest of the shipping. I'll handle it - all sales are final - payment must be made within three days of winning. If unable to, let me know ASAP or it will be relisted - I will give you ample time to pay but if it takes too long and I don't hear back from you, I have the right to relist - sending a direct message on here, YOU ARE notified - when I say stop bidding due to leaving you previous negative feedback because you didn't reply to any of my messages, please respect that - I never tell anyone who I leave negative feedback to keep bidding when you do not respond to my messages. I'm lenient but when I get no response after a good amount of time, please do not bid. Bid on a different item - if you buy/bid on a different item and win and not pay that seller within a certain timeframe, the seller has the right to leave negative feedback and it's highly suspect that buyers won't leave negative feedback for some sellers and not others - if you make a mistake on bidding, contact me ASAP and I will readd the item. You will not be penalised. It also would be a good idea to contact the mods, too, so that they also know it was a mistake. These things happen, and I'm very lenient - Australian buyers do take note that it will take long to get to you if you choose the cheapest shipping option - US buyers, I can no longer ship small items as letter as they must be sent as a package even if it's letter sized - for safety reasons, I will not ship to Russia and to Ukraine or other war-torn countries - communication is key!! Don't open a dispute after we have discussed arrangements if something goes awry. If you open a dispute after we have come to a compromise, I will not sell to you again - I will NEVER ask for payment using the friends and family option (read the terms of service. It says so right there that the SELLER pays for the fees, NOT the buyer). You have EVERY RIGHT to have purchase protection. When I send the invoice, DO NOT PICK THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION. It's just a cash grab for the seller and it's not fair, for you, for what you buy not be protected. If you ask me to use that option? I won't. I will not be cheated and I will use the purchase protection option. If you don't like it, refund me. And we will never interact again - I can and will update as I see fit No longer selling to: jordyngee thekatcameback2253 jaelily

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